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PC Healthcheck

Keep your laptop or PC in tip-top order with a system healthcheck fixed price service. Includes a variety of performance tweaks, anti-virus, malware and rootkit scans, and upgrade recommendations. You’ll get a written report detailing all the points of the system healthcheck. Like most things, unless you look after them your laptop or PC can fail/breakdown. It is a good idea to perform some preventative maintenance. There’s plenty of dust around, and the fans on your machine whilst trying to keep your computer cool also pull in a lot of this dust which can settle inside the machine, eventually to cause overheating and ultimately failure. This failure can be costly, or even not cost effective to repair. Besides the obvious hardware issues, your computer can slow down to what you might consider an unbearable pace, however there are things that can be done to speed up your PC, for example defragmenting your hard disk, ensuring that your antivirus software is up to date and scanning your computer for existing viruses.

Performing this preventative maintenance on a regular basis, at least, say once a year would be very prudent of you.

What’s included?
You bring your PC or laptop to us – if you want this performed in your home our normal hourly charges will apply.
  • Laptop or PC opened and cleaned, then reassembled. If your laptop is currently getting very hot this can indicate that the cooling system is blocked, failure to address this can lead to failure of your laptop.
  • Anti-virus scan and clean.
  • Anti-virus software installed (where needed) and updated.
  • Hard drives defragmented to speed up computer.
  • Various other tweaks to your system to help speed machine up.
  • A typed report of work carried out.
  • Option to have photos backed up into your Google account (Google Photos)
  • Backup of your My Documents area to USB stick or CD (optional) (you provide, or we can supply)
Dust is an insulator. When you crack open the case of your computer and [it’s blanketed with dust] you’re looking at a computer that’s facing a radically reduced life span. Every inch of it is covered with a blanket of insulating dust that raises the temperature of components across the board. Your computer might not be that dusty but given how easy it is to clean out a computer, it’s ridiculous not to. Not taking the time to dust out your computer once or twice a year is like being too busy to get your oil changed. Lifehacker.com