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Free Tech Advice

Got a question about your tech and nobody to ask – now you do. We offer free tech advice to businesses and individuals. We also have a frequently asked questions section – check there first!

Perhaps you’re thinking of buying a new computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and just don’t know where to start, just drop us an e-mail, you can click the button below and we’ll get back to you. Don’t forget to let us know your budget or any particular tasks for your new tech you have in mind such as must be able to play games, or just a basic machine for surfing the internet and so on.

Please remember, this is for free advice, it is not to tell you how to fix something (this is part of how I earn a living!), though you might find some answers in our articles or videos so be sure to check those out. Here’s a selection of links that might get you started (if you want to be notified when we publish anything new in our blog be sure to signup to our VIP list):

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