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Get your COVID passport certificate

You may well have heard of various countries talking about citizens having a COVID passport for allowing safe travel potentially without having to isolate in quaranteen. Spain is one of a handful of countries (at the time of writing) that has implemented the issue of such certificates, they are available for free simply by using your SIP card to access them. This article explains how you can get your Covid passport certificate for yourself.


The certificate (as far as vaccinations is concerned) is valid for 365 days.

If you haven’t had your jabs yet, it is also possible to get a certificate to prove you have had a negative test in the last 48 hours. Dependent on the type of test you take, this certificate is valid for between 48 and 72 hours. I am assuming that you can only get this version of the certificate where you have used an approved or accredited provider and of course have had to show your SIP card. In fact, the testing centre may well issue you with this certificate.

If you have been unlucky enough to having contracted Covid having been diagnosed through a positive PCR test, then providing by day 11 of isolation you have recovered you can be issued with a certificate to say so, and this will be valid until 180 days later.

In some cases, individuals may have both recovered from Covid and had the vaccinations – the certificate is encoded in the Quick Response (QR) code that is printed on the certificate.

How do I get my COVID passport / certificate?

There’s a link at the bottom of this article – select ‘SOLICITAR CERTIFICADO’ and follow the prompts – you’ll need your SIP card as well as the mobile phone associated with your SIP card. If you don’t have this information up to date yet, you might be interested in my other article – How will Spanish health service contact you for your vaccination?

salud get covid passport

If this is too difficult for you, I can help you to get this for a small charge (€5 per person, includes 2 printed copies and sent to your e-mail. I can also offer credit card sized versions as well at additional cost – see Covid passport card for details) providing you have your SIP card, mobile phone and can book an appointment with me using this link: https://alltechplus.agilecrm.com/calendar/mark_van_bellen – a 15 minute slot should suffice providing your SIP contact details are up to date and linked to your mobile phone.

You may also be interested in my assisted residencia exchange for TIE service – you can read about and book that here: https://all-tech-plus.com/tie-exchange


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