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ComPoints – Free Loyalty Points System

covipoint scan logo for Free Loyalty Points System CoviPointsI’ve launched a Free Loyalty Points system for Businesses (& of course those collecting points!) – I’m calling it ComPoints – in this article I’ll briefly explain what it’s all about. Get your collector card from participating outlets – see the associated website for more details (link at the bottom of the full article). If you are a business and want to get onboard visit the website and register, or you can e-mail on support@all-tech-plus.com or WhatsApp on +34634343905.

Whilst being home-office bound during the Corona Lockdown here in Spain, I’ve had quite a bit of time on my hands – some of you may have already enjoyed some of my more recent articles, or even YouTube videos. Like many businesses in the area (well worldwide) I too have lost out on income having my normal activities curtailed somewhat.

It got me to thinking, how can I help my fellow business colleagues to encourage people to get back out and spending as the controls are relaxed. And of course make it more enjoyable for them!

I came up with an idea that I’ve called ComPoints (Common Points) – a loyalty point system that doesn’t need expensive equipment to operate. The concept (now a reality) is simple, customers pickup and activate a collector card from a participating outlet – they can use the same card in any of the outlets. Customer presents at the business (usually following a sale), the staff scan the card using an app on their phone (ComPoints Scanner – soon to be available on Google Play hopefully but is also downloadable from the site) and credit or redeem points. Each business has their own page on the ComPoints web site where collectors can find out about how each outlet awards points, and what they can be redeemed for.

Businesses: No complicated electronic scanners – just use your Smart Phone and the FREE scanning app. No expensive magnetic cards to buy! Run the scheme how you want and detail it on your own page on the ComPoints site.

Collectors: Keep track on your points either through your account on the website or whenever you are scanned.

There will be more features added to the system as time and interest pickup. For basic functionality the system is free for businesses, and you’ll have access to all functionality as it is added over the coming weeks – you’ll be able to get various reports out of the system as they are introduced, including graphs and charts, email updates etc.. which will give you some real insights into customer buyer behaviour. Business may also wish to take advantage of stocking up on giveaways from my range of personalised goods from my sister site TheShirtShed.Com (please enquire regarding special prices!). It will of course, always be free for collectors.

The site is currently on a temporary server but will be moved to its own website home at some point. Collectors will automatically be redirected to the new website address when it happens and all points will transfer. Businesses will just need to update their free app.

Unfortunately the app is not available on iPhones – Android smart phones are available very cheaply – if you’re not sure contact All Tech Plus as we can supply a smart phone from our Spanish supplier. You will soon also be able to manually award and redeem points via. the website.

An app is planned for collectors to replace the physical card for those that prefer that.

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