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All Tech Plus is now MailerLite Certified

Hi there, now I know that this article might not be for everybody – that’s why you’ll see an option in your e-mail when you receive this to update your preferences, so that in the future you’ll only get content that’s relevant to you. And that’s all because I’m using new e-mail marketing software from MailerLite and I’ve just become MailerLite certified. When you originally ended up on my VIP (newsletter) list I was using MailChimp (goodbye MailChimp, hello MailerLite!) which is a similar system but doesn’t offer as many features for small to medium sized businesses like MailerLite does and at such a great price point – FREE! I’m also considering running a course for using MailerLite – click the button at the bottom of the article if you’d like to express your interest and reserve your seat – there will be a modest fee! 

If you’re running a business, or have even used something like MailChimp in the past, then this article is for you. If it’s not, BUT you know someone who might be interested, please do sharesupporting a local business is bound to give you a warm feeling inside!

Here’s just some of the things you can do with MailerLite:

  • Build yourself one or more subscriber/interest lists.
  • Create attractive and engaging e-mails/newsletters for your loyal customers.
  • Automatically let your subscribers know when you’ve published a new article on your website (you’ve probably already had an e-mail) – it’s what we call an RSS campaign!
  • Be selective about which content gets e-mailed when and to whom based on their interests.
  • Be selective about what you automatically follow up with based on what your subscribers might’ve clicked (or not!)
  • Easily create landing page signup forms, pop up forms, and embed them in your website.
  • Send newsletters out on a schedule.
  • That’s probably only touched the tip of the iceberg!

I’ve so far been using it for my new business venture (Chatterbot Spain) to help inform potential new clients through automation e-mails about demo chatbots I’ve made for them – it just makes the process really manageable – once I’ve got them into the workflow, I can leave MailerLite to do the heavy lifting, sending out any reminders, discounts, pricing policies and so on, all dependent on how that business interacts with what I send them.

Chances are you learnt about this article through your e-mail because you’re already on my list – MailChimp used to do this for me, but now once I have updated information from you I can make sure in the future that the content I send you is most relevant to you.

And if you hop over to TheShirtShed.com – why not sign up to the VIP list there as well – who knows what might wing its way into your inbox before Christmas!!

If you are fancying giving MailerLite a twirl, why not use this link to signup to MailerLite – you’ll get €18 of credit should you decide to upgrade from a free plan – and I get that same amount as well – it’s a win-win. I don’t think the credit expires, you might never need it as their free plan is quite generous. Once you’ve created your account, if you want to engage my services, there’s an option to add other people as users – I don’t need your password, you just send me an invite and I can manage your account on your behalf if you wish.

I have been so impressed with MailerLite that I signed up for a course on getting the most out of the software and have now become a MailerLite Certified Professional.

I have been so impressed with MailerLite that I signed up for a course on getting the most out of the software and have now become a MailerLite Certified Professional. For those of you with a business (and possibly considering moving away from something like MailChimp) – if you’re not sure what you’re doing, or simply don’t have the time, then you can be assured that I can advise you on the best route to take, and can even set it all up for you.

If you’re interested in my upcoming course – register your details using the button below:



Only MailerLite certified professionals can display this badge (of honour). Here’s my certificate to prove it! {feedback}

A picture showing my MailerLite Certified certificate awarded in July 2021


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