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All Tech Plus websites are usually provided with a basic web hosting plan - this is sufficient for most clients, however for those with more demanding needs additional options are available. The table below shows comparisons of the plans available.

  • Feature
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Mailbox
  • Mailbox Size
  • Mailbox + Docs Size
  • Mail Archiving
  • Site Updates/Backups
  • GSuite Basic
  • Setup GSuite (1 user)
  • Cost Additional User

You can upgrade your plan at any time, the cost to upgrade will depend on how long you have left of your current plan.

  for site updates and backups - your site software including plugins will be updated on a regular basis. A backup is taken before the updates are made in case of any issues that may cause your site not to work correctly. Should a problem be encountered, the site will be rolled back and you will be informed. The site must be fixed to ensure the integrity and security not only of your site but also so that other clients are not affected. Fixes charged at cost or against your support plan where applicable.

  With the Gsuite option the total combined space available per user is 30Gb. Please see our separate article on what extras you gain with GSuite.