Terms and conditions last updated: 10/05/21

Unless otherwise arranged all websites provided by All Tech Plus will be on a basic web hosting package basis. This may or may not be sufficient for estate agent based websites due to limitations placed upon e-mail accounts and extensive import processing. Please ensure that you check our terms and conditions regularly as any changes will be applied at your next renewal without notice.

A new hosting provider is now in place. All existing customers will be moved to this new provider. Most clients will be on the Basic package. If your site is close to the limits set for the basic package you will be advised. Please note we have not changed our prices in a few years. Due to increased costs to us all plans will see a small increase in cost.

Hosting package.

  • There are generally 2 limitations on storage, file storage and e-mail storage. If you are close to your limit you will be advised along with actions you could take to reduce your usage, or you can upgrade. Estate agents are typically large resource users, if you wish to stay on a basic plan, you should ensure that your property databases, particularly images are kept in order, removing old properties as soon as possible. Limits to the number of images to properties will be enforced to a maximum of 10.
  • Primarily our hosting packages are for web site hosting, and although will include 1 or more e-mail boxes, the space allocated for these may not be sufficient for some users - in such cases, upgrading your plan is an option or buying our add-on Mail Plus service - details at https://atphosting.alltechplus.duckdns.org or see information your site owners guide.
  • Hosting is renewable in advance each year. Usually we will include the first year of hosting in the price of your website.
  • Your website will usually run on a framework known as Joomla - this software is updated frequently and will provide either enhancements to the framework or block important security loopholes. Sites are set to update Joomla automatically once per month (unless you have had the site with us a number of years, in which case please ask for this to be put in place). It is important to note that updating of any software could 'break' aspects of your site - for this reason you are advised to regularly backup your site using the component as described in your site owners guide.

Support for websites

  • When you first take delivery of a website from us we will provide an initial period of snagging support included in the price - this is usually one month.
  • Any further work such as additions, modifications or fixing issues that arise caused by updates to site software or plugins/components on the site will be carried out according to our prevailing charges unless you have a hosting plan that includes ongoing support - see https://all-tech-plus.com/website-portfolio/hosting-email-plan for more details.
  • Where additional work is carried out using support provided with your plan, any additional time that goes over this support will be charged at our prevailing rates.
  • All support requests must only be sent either via the support portal or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which will open a support ticket for you.
  • Our hours of support are as published on our website, your hosting support only covers the operation of your website - it does not cover your laptop, e-mail program etc..

Domain name

  • The domain name is the address by which your website is known (and also how your e-mail is addressed) - for example here at All Tech Plus our domain name is all-tech-plus.com and our e-mail boxes are @all-tech-plus.com
  • Your domain name is renewable in advance each year. Usually we will include one domain for the first 12 months in the price of your website.
  • Your free domain name for 12 months may start at an earlier date to the start of your included free 12 months hosting depending on when we purchased the domain. 
  • You may at your option have more than one domain name pointing to the same site, for example if you wanted .co.uk, .com and .es domain names (where available).

Support for your website

  • 1 month snagging support is included - this starts as soon as you have had your training session, regardless of whether the site has been moved from our test site to the live hosting area. Your included free 12 month hosting also starts at this time. Snagging does not mean additional pages or design, it includes minor changes to content or if some functionality appears to not be working. Once this period expires, it is up to you how you then purchase support.
  • Our websites come with a site owners guide. As the site owner you will be able to change much of the content of your site. If you prefer to concentrate on running your business we would be happy to make changes and updates for you chargeable at our normal rates or you may make use of a support plan.
  • Sites do not include ongoing site maintenance updates unless you have taken out a support plan or your hosting plan includes some support.

Email box on basic and bronze web hosting - if this is insufficient see our Mail Plus service

  • It is not permitted to use e-mail as an archiving tool - if you wish to store lots of e-mails particularly with file attachments you will need to either manage your e-mail by archiving messages to another provider such as Gmail or ask to upgrade your e-mail or hosting package. Our system will usually send an e-mail once per week informing you if you are over 90% usage, the e-mail will contain instructions on what to do. E-mail boxes that become full will not be able to send or receive emails. If you require more than the combined mailbox storage under your plan please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. informing us which plan you would like to upgrade to.
  • The small size of the mailbox should meet most clients needs, however estate agent sites are notorious for storing messages with large file attachments - these will quickly fill up your mailbox so you should follow the advice above or upgrade to a package which permits message archiving.

E-mail only hosting

For details of e-mail only hosting or add-on e-mail plans visit https://atphosting.alltechplus.duckdns.org