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This particular blog entry is a followup to the one I wrote last month where I told you that you could make a little money for nothing just by sharing your internet connection - if you haven't read that yet, here's the link: Earn passive income using your laptop, phone or tablet.

So I had a few computers (virtual machines), a tablet and a mobile phone sharing my internet connection this last month. I didn't notice an impact on my normal Internet experience, plus I've made a little money, to find out how I did, read on....

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Earning passive income from your spare Internet capacity has never been so easy!

I've been sharing my Internet connection with three companies over the last month, EarnApp.com, HoneyGain.com and Peer2Profit.com . Initially Honeygain seemed to be the best performer but I think EarnApp seems to be ahead of the game, having already paid out $2.58 to my Paypal account on the 15/03 after approximately 3 weeks.

The state of play earnings wise for the 3 apps is now:

  • EarnApp - $4.06.     (already paid out $2.58 - they pay out automatically around every $2.50)
  • HoneyGain - $3.67.  (note, I haven't included the $5 introductory gift when you sign up, and the figure does also include 'daily winnings' from the honey jar, though only small amounts)
  • Peer2Profit - $2.32   (this one started off very slowly)
  • So my total for a month is $10.05 (that's just over 9 euros at time of writing!)

By clicking the links in the leading paragraph you may earn me a small commision and in some cases yourself a bonus when and if you sign up. Signing up is free for all of the apps.

Getting the money from each company does, however differ. Earnapp is by far the easiest, and is automatic, all you need to do is tell them your paypal e-mail address and you're done.

Getting a payout from EarnApp.com

You can be paid to a paypal account every $2.50, or as an Amazon giftcard every $50. They are also hoping in the future hoping to offer payment directly to a charity of your choice.

In the EarnApp dashboard just click the pencil icon next to where it says 'payment method', supply your details and you're done!

The more devices you have, the more you are likely to earn - I currently have 4 devices connected up.

HoneyGain.com how to get paid your passive income booty!

Remember, with Honeygain you'll get a $5 bonus if you use my referral link just for signing up. You can also win extra credit to your earnings simply by visiting your dashboard each day and trying your luck at their Lucky Jar. Additionally, if you run the app on your Windows or Mac computer you can earn more by allowing the Content Delivery Network option (CDN) [click the link to read more about this] - My main computer hasn't received anything from this option yet. You'll see below a graph showing my earnings to date (just knock off the 0.53 to get that in dollars!):


HoneyGain's minimum payout is $20, so at the current rate, I'll probably be looking at around 6 months time. When you reach the threshold you can request a payout - you can have a payout to your Paypal account, Bitcoin wallet or JMPT (JumpToken - similar to bitcoin from what I've read - you can signup for this option for better earnings, but with Crypto coin payouts additional layers of complexity). I guess if you've ever traded in Bitcoin, that might be quite a good idea as theoretically your money in BTC could increase, but conversely could decrease too - I'm think I'm going to go with Paypal on this one too, though depending on Peer2Profit below I may reconsider!

I have 4 devices setup for Honeygain, but as I said in the last blog entry, only 2 will be active on your home network. The others will either be inactive (not earning) or will only be active when you're connected to a different internet connection.

Peer2Profit.com - getting a payout will be a faff!

When I wrote the first article, after about a day in, I'd earnt about 7 cents (I had 2 devices connected to start with). I saw a little spike in activity a week or so back, so I've added 2 more devices, bringing the total to 4. The average is around 8 cents per day, so not a dramatic increase but I'll see how it goes now I've doubled the devices.

The income calculator on their site now seems over optimistic, they suggested that 2 devices might earn $8 per month, and as we can see it's more like $2 - it really does depend on who wants to use Internet resources from Spain I guess. So, maybe I'll be looking at about $3.50 per month? We'll see come July 2022!

Getting paid from Peer2Profit will be the most difficult, they state:

The minimum payout amount depends on the payment system. As a rule, you need from $ 2 to $ 14 to be able to withdraw them. The exact amount is specified in your personal account.

In their frequently asked questions section, for methods of payment, this is what they had to say:

You can withdraw it using a convenient payment system, using your personal account.

Please read carefully about the minimum and maximum amount to withdraw through a specific payment system. The minimum withdrawal for QIWI and Yandex Wallets is from $ 2, for cryptocurrency wallets (e.g. Binance, Trust Wallet, Electrum) – from $ 7, for bank cards – from $ 14.

If you use Payeer, do not try to withdraw an amount less than $ 35. Otherwise, you will lose all the earnings.

You initiate a payout by clicking on 'Payouts' in the menu, or there is also a button for 'Order Payout', you'll see a screen similar to below:


You can see that as it stands in my case at the moment, the coloured icons are the payment methods available for the amount of money I have earned. Payment to a bank card (Visa) requires at least $15. I'm not sure how keen I would be on this option, the company states it comes under the jurisdiction of Cyprus but I'm not sure (the first 2 e-wallet options appear to be Russian!)  - there are some bank accounts that let you create a virtual one-off card for use online. If you're going to use P2P, crypto currency payout may be the best/safest way providing you use a reputable exchange such as BitPanda or eToro. The signup process for BitPanda was thorough but long winded - I setup a couple of years back and never used - with BitPanda you can choose to deposit certain coins, at which point they'll create a wallet address for you which you can then use with P2P (don't lose the address!!). If you have an existing eToro account for normal shares trading, signup for one of their e-wallets should be straightforward (it uses an app on your phone) - for details see https://www.etoro.com/crypto/wallet/ - the app is called eToro Money.

What happens next? 

  • Somewhere around July 2022 I'll write another blog entry to update you on how the 6 months have gone.
  • I'll probably also write about my experience with eToro money which I'm hoping to use with P2P since I already have an eToro account.
  • Try them for yourself, what have you got to lose? And please use the links on this page to signup, I'll earn a bit from that too and in the case of HoneyGain you'll get $5 too!
  • Get free money!

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