This is most likely the final article in this 3 part series where I have told you about ways you can earn a little passive income (without doing anything) using your spare internet (bandwidth). Who doesn't like money for nothing!?

If you haven't read the first two articles in this series yet, I recommend you do so, so this final article will be in context as I don't intend to go over how things work in this one. In this article I will simply be presenting a summary of what I have earnt in the last 7 months or so.

The passive income services I previously told you about are Honeygain, EarnApp and Peer2Profit. I also found another one called IP Royal Pawns which I didn't tell you about. All the links are included at the foot of the article.

EarnApp Passive Income Earnings

With EarnApp, things started off really well and I was getting paid into my Paypal account just a little over $2.50 every 10 days or so. This has really slowed down of late, and each $2.50 or so is now taking around 52 days.

Having said that, as of 15/09/22 I have been paid a total of $23.12 which is roughly equivalent to €23 euros today. The total time to earn this is almost 7 months, an average of €3.28 per month.

HoneyGain Passive Income Amount

HoneyGain took a little longer to get to a payout value (the minimum payout being $20, as of 15/09/22 I am at $21.88, bearing in mind $5 of this was an introductory bonus, and if you login each day you can win small bonuses too. For the purpose of this article I'm going to include all of the bonuses.

Therefore, HoneyGains average monthly earning is around $3.12, but in reality a poorer performance than EarnApp.

Peer2Profit Earnings

As I said in a previous article, payouts from Peer2Profit are more involved, I already took one payout of around $10 on 30/04/22 and chose to have that in the digital currency known as LiteCoin. Digital coin market has taken a tumble in the last few months, so my LiteCoin is currently only worth $5.92 now. I have waiting to be paid out $8.80. Putting the loss in conversion aside for the moment, that's a total of $18.80 in 7 months, an average of $2.68 per month.

Passive Income Total Earnings

$23.12 + $21.88 + $18.80 = $63.80 = An average of $9.11 per month for nothing!

Not to be sneezed at I think - at least one coffee per week, or even a chinese meal (here in Spain!) - gratis!

Plus the one I haven't talked about (IP Royal) currently has $4.86 - I didn't include this in the total as I started this one up some time later. Accrual of cash is slow for this!

The Conclusion

As it doesn't cost me anything to continue with these passive income schemes, I will probably just leave them running and get the payouts from time to time. Once it's setup you don't have to do anything. EarnApp is by far the easiest as this can be setup to just automatically pay out.

If you haven't tried it, why not give it a go yourself - use the links to signup. Let me know how you go!

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