If you are using our basic or full service, you should give your full name as it appears on your passport.

Your phone number and e-mail is used by me to contact you and can also be used for notifications from Spanish authorities; for this reason a Spanish number is preferred.


Photo appointments are no longer carried out by me at the Postroom Benijófar but now at my home office on Calle Topacio by appointment only.

You can tick one or more of the boxes if you are flexible!

You already have your own photos - great! Please double check that they meet all the requirements adjacent.

If you cannot confirm all of this, there is a chance your photos could be rejected.

Inkjet printers - even though your photos may have been printed at best quality, in the past we have had photos rejected - for this reason we have invested in a printer which uses the same printing technology as a photo booth. If you are not sure, please ask your photo provider.

For the application you will need a valid passport, the original existing residencia card or A4 certificate, and a recent padron.

For full service customers - I will arrange to meet to take relevant photocopies and where necessary photos.

To get your padron: Please visit your local ayuntamiento where they will issue you with a padron. Take identification. There is no charge. If you have a digitial certificate it is possible to get one of these online through your local ayuntamiento website.

That should be everything to get the ball rolling. If I need any more information I will contact you.

All that remains is to press the Book button below. You will be e-mailed a summary of the details you've provided. Please double check that everything is correct by making use of the Previous and Next buttons.

Discount codes - if you have a discount code, all valid discount codes for basic service are 10%, full service 15% excluding government fee. No other discounts apply.

Just press the button once - it will take a moment or two before completing!