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COVID 19 ARRANGEMENTS: During relaxation of measures in the Valencia region I can make home visits only when remote support is not possible. Most problems can be resolved using remote support methods, and is also cheaper! If I do visit I will be respecting you by wearing a face mask and using hand gel whilst visiting your home - it would be appreciated if clients reciprocated for our collective safety. To make an appointment click the button.

What people say
  • Sean L - Mark has helped me out a lot with setting up my website. Very friendly and professional. He goes out of his way to help. Any computer problems I have...he fixes them straight away. I recommend him to everyone.       (Google)

  • TheQuirkyMedium.com - OMG Mark! I LOVE what you’ve done on the new Website! Thank you. Not had chance to go through all of it @ first glance it looks amazing! (e-mail)

  • Gloria I - (purchased new mobile phone) - Mark is always,very helpful and very professional,I am always pleased to pass on his details to friends. (Google)

  • Irving M - My query regarding Smart DNS problem was solved in 1 minute. What seemed like a major problem turned out to be a very simple one. Many thanks. (Google)

  • Aimee - Intasunhomes.com Super efficient!! Very quick to resolve all of my computer problems. Would highly recommend All Tech Plus to anyone!! (Google)

  • Tony R. If you got a problem be it PC, Tablet, Iphone etc , this is the go to guy to solve all your problems,very helpful and patient. (Google)

  • George & Elke R., Quesada - I appreciated the quick and very professional assistance from All Tech Plus when I had problems with my pc. I recommend Mark's services to anybody who have problems with his/her pc.      (Google)

  • Inger K. - I was more than satisfied!       (Google)

  • Jim D., Rojales - Thanks for your help Mark. I think we have working versions now.       (Google)

  • Irving M., Rojales - Thank you Mark for sorting my problems out with BBC iPlayer and also iTunes. There was obviously a big problem with iTunes, but you stuck with it and eventually sorted it out. I always have the greatest confidence in your ability to sort any computer problems out in a professional and friendly manner. definitely recommended.       (Google)

Periodic bills, one off bills and overdue payments

If some of the terms and conditions below seem unfair, by all means discuss with us, however, like most small businesses we are reliant on our clients to pay us on time for services All Tech Plus has provided, even where this is where a payment is required in advance. If you are a good customer/client, then you most likely won't need to read any of this.

  • When an advice note is generated it will be e-mailed to you for payment.
  • Occasionally this may have been e-mailed after the due date - the automated reminder system uses the due date, so you may get a reminder more quickly than the usual 2 weeks.
  • The bill is payable immediately or by the due date if shown preferably by bank transfer (details on your bill), or online using either your Paypal account or any credit or debit card using the Paypal system (Paypal account not needed in this case. Additional fees may apply for payment using Paypal). Amounts of €100 or less may be paid in cash, details of how to get this to us are on your advice note.
  • Bills that remain unpaid after 2 weeks will receive a second reminder, and at our discretion will have 10% of the balance added to the amount each and every 14 days thereafter. Reminders are generated usually automatically, however we may also remind via. our help desk system and WhatsApp.
  • Should the bill remain unpaid for over 4 weeks and where in our opinion it is unlikely to be settled, then, in the case of equipment we will take steps to recover equipment without notice, and depending on the amount place the debt with a recovery agency.
  • Should you resume service after a stoppage you will be required to pay the outstanding balance for the period you enjoyed up until that time as well as the original bill amount in the case of a periodic charge plus late payment charges.
  • In the case of websites, your website will be offline and if you also have your domain name with us your email will cease to work.
  • In the case of support plans your service will cease.