T V users - please refer to channel supporting page. Remember, support is only offered in this manner.

22/09 09:50 - more channels active. This will be the last update on the channel issues page. I will be e-mailing at some point on Monday with summary and news.

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  • Full packages including lots of sports and film channels available for 3 and 6 month terms.
  • Our supplier may remove and add channels without warning.
  • If the service ceases to be available no refunds will be made on advance payments, so we advise you to think carefully whether you prefer 3 or 6 month billing cycles.
  • All amounts are subject to IVA, and subscriptions must be paid preferably by direct debit (your IBAN, name on account, address and NIE number required) or using bank transfer to the account shown on your bill, or Paypal (fees apply)
  • Under no circumstances will plans be extended until payment has been confirmed (sorry, due to a non payer)
  • If payment is not received or you are late with your payment your service will cease and a reconnection fee will apply.
  • No telephone or e-mail support is offered, if you suspect one or more channels are faulty, you must report it via. the channel issue reporting form on this site where you will also find various troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues.
  • You can still send a ticket via. the support portal if you have issues with your device, charges may apply for any work we carry out.
  • As our provider varies their terms/prices to us your renewal may be subject to increase too.
  • You are advised to check your Internet speed before ordering, we have found a few customers who though they were paying for 8Mb were in actual fact only getting 3Mb! Another client says Eurona at La Zenia have a good 4G deal.
  • Due to the nature of Internet television, the service will not be perfect, do not expect the same level as service directly from your satellite dish or a main stream provider, after all you will be saving €100s.
  • Added 21/07/19 - please remember, if you pick a 6 month term you are committing to buy the service for that term. Cancellations are processed prior to renewal (both for 3 and 6 month terms). Dependent on the circumstances, and at our discretion we may allow early cancellation providing you have come to an arrangement with us, however the minimum charge will be for a 3 month plan - in this case we will issue a partial refund by the same method of payment.
  • Added 21/07/19 - If you feel that you cannot agree to these terms or are unsure about the service please do not subscribe. A 24 hour free trial can be offered, after which if you are still not sure opt for 3 months to start with.