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Make yourself an emergency home-made protective face mask to combat germs / Corona Virus

In this article I include the steps on how to make a home-made face mask using materials that you most likely have lying around the house.

I know that this article isn't really related to my line of business, however I think it's important to share given that you can't get face masks for love nor money in this time of Corona lockdown. Perhaps whilst you're here you might take a look at my other articles, add me to your address book and consider using my services - I can offer remote support right now of course!


I found out how to do this from an article I saw on The Daily Mail online - the video there was in chinese, and most of the images too, so here's my version! I'll be adding a link to a video as well further down.

Please read the disclaimer at foot of this article first

The materials you will need are:

  • 2 sheets of kitchen roll
  • 1 tissue
  • Masking tape (I use the variety often used for masking when decorating)
  • Stiff wire (I had some single core electrical wire, but any wire will do, possibly even a bit of a coathanger?)
  • A hole punch or sharp scissor point.
  • Rubber bands or elastic (though I guess you could use string at a push)
  • Scissors
  • Sanitiser!
Me wearing my home made face mask

Me wearing the face mask I just made!

picture showing materials you will need

The Steps

You can also see how it's done in my YouTube video - please do subscribe to my channel - it really can help my business (if I get lots and lots of subscribers of course - hope that's not too cheeky!!)

This is enough to make 2 masks.

  1. First of all make sure you give you hands a thorough clean.
  2. Sanitise the surface on where you will be making the mask, ensure it is dry before you begin!
  3. Place the 2 sheets of kitchen roll on top of each other.
  4. Lay the tissue on top of those - my tip would be not to go right to the edges of the kitchen towel as you may have difficulty getting the edges into the hole punch otherwise. Note that the tissue is going to be the layer which will be against the person's face.
  5. Now cut the three sheets in half. Put one half aside for now.

You can now watch the video here!

  1. With the other half take one of the shorter edges and fold over about 1cm (or up to half an inch), and tape along that to hold it down and over the other side too.
  2. Repeat on the other edge.
  3. Repeat this along the bottom and top edges.
  4. Along the top lay another piece of tape down so that its height is around 1.5 cm (this is the thickness of the tape I have) - you'll be sticking your wire onto this shortly.
  5. Take your hole punch and make 4 holes, 2 at the top, 2 at the bottom.
  6. Now cut about 8cm of your wire (about 3 inches) and place it on top of the tape from step 9. Make sure the wire is flat/straight to start with.
  7. Take another piece of tape and tape the wire onto the tape from step 9. You'll be able to bend this over your nose when you put the mask on.
  8. Now you need to create the ties using your elastic, rubber bands or string. Elastic and rubber bands work the best. For elastic cut yourself 2 lots of about 20cm, and 2 lots of about 28cm lengths - these are for the top and bottom loops. It's not an exact science, it will really depend on each person.
  9. Create loops using the elastic (or rubber bands, or string), the shorter pieces in the top-most holes, and the longer ones in the bottom holes.
  10. Optionally, if you have 80% alcohol spray or higher, spray the tissue lightly and allow to dry.
  11. Repeat this procedure for the 2nd mask.
If you are able to buy a medically certified mask please do so - this procedure is only for an emergency and I do not make any claims as to its effectiveness. You'll find all sort of suggestions for making your own face mask, some might even say using a scarf is just as efficient, some suggest you can use a pair of boxer shorts (not my favourite), and you'll also find that the length of effectiveness of a mask could be around 20 minutes. If you are unsure, please google around and remember, this article was only published due to scarcity of medically approved items.

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