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Keeping your website and/or social media up to date / current / fresh will not only keep your clients engaged but will also make you more relevant and appealing to search engines too! It’s time consuming to write and publish new content so why not get us to help you with your content creation and SEO* by doing it for you?

How much does it cost for content creation for my website / social media?

We can create content and/or posts for your social media, the cost will really depend on several factors, for example

Sorry, but we cannot give a fixed cost but we do ask you to consider that a lot of work goes into content creation, particularly if there is little or no client input into the process (though you’ll get better results if you can work with us!). We may have to research topics (it is not legal to simply copy and paste from other sources without permission), this in itself can be time consuming since we will use several sources to enable us to generate unique copy. We then have to proof read the content or pay someone to do that for us. We may also need to source relevant photos/graphics to accompany the copy, these may come at additional cost.

How can I get some content created?

In order for us to get going with your content creation and optionally publish it for you we will need:

Test drive our content creation service

If you’re looking to test drive our content creation service, or are ready to engage us for one piece of content, have a chat with George on this page to supply us with details and we’ll get back to you with a price.

If you’re looking for us to work on a larger project for you, it might be best for us to have a chat or video call first, in which case you can make an appointment either from our homepage or click the button below.

Once we have the details from you we can send you a quotation – please note we do not have a fixed price for this service since everyone’s requirements differ, a factor of word count, how much research we have to do into your chosen topic (in the event you do not provide us with any guidance), whether we have to source images and whether or not we retain copyright.

Why you should get us to create your content?

Our content creation service has the following benefits:

This is how we fared on optimising the content for this page, judge for yourself.

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