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We have recently revamped our site support options to allow a much more flexible package to be selected more suited to your needs. Basic support includes up to one hour per month at a rate much less than our usual pay as you go price. Choose to add additional hours, and rollover protection too!

Please note that prices now include IVA at 21%. If you are a business and require an official factura (after payment) you should include your tax reference number, name and address in the additional details section.

Begin Site Support Package

Fill in our form below, choosing the options you require, then go onto the next screen to provide your details, and finally pay via. Paypal using your credit/debit card or Paypal account. For the first payment, we will not charge Paypal processing fees. You will be billed automatically each period once you are setup on our system where you can then choose to pay cash, bank transfer (Spanish account), direct debit (UK accounts) or Paypal. If you would prefer not to use Paypal, you should still click 'Pay' to confirm your order and we will contact you to make arrangements.

If you would also like to include support for a laptop or PC you may wish to checkout our hybrid package which can be selected instead.

When your site was provided by All Tech Plus, the supporting software framework for simple sites is usually Wordpress, and for more sophisticated sites Joomla. If you are not sure please ask.

Basic support gives you 1 hour per month at a hugely discounted rate. You can add additional discounted hours and also have rollover protection when you select 2 or more hours. Rollover protection is not available on one hour only plans - if you do not use your hour in that month it does not carry over.

Note that the prices for contract support are much less than standard pay as you go prices.

Select 12 month periods for the best cost savings.

Standard support includes one hour already (whether you use it or not). If you suspect that you will need fairly frequent changes then adding additional hours support to your package may be the most cost effective way of doing so.

If you select this option, and do not use any of your purchased additional hours, you will receive the same amount of additional hours next charging period - your subsequent bill will be discounted by the appropriate amount.

  1. Example 1: You subscribe for 6 months - Site support + 1 additional hour each month + rollover option. You use up to one hour in one particular month (your standard support) but do not use your additional hour in that month. In your other 5 months you use between 1.25 and 2 hours. In your next period providing you keep the same support pay for site support + 1 additional hour + rollover option as before but you will be discounted one additional hour. 
  2. Example 2: You subscribe for 6 months - site support + 1 additional hour + rollover option. In that 6 months you never use more than your standard hour. In the following period pay only for site support + rollover option and rollover 6 hours at no further charge.

Price per Charging Period Selected (6 month or 12 monthly): 0.00


Price per Charging Period Selected (6 month or 12 monthly): 0.00



A quick overview of what's on offer

These are our main areas though we can cater for mostly anything to do with technology - just ask and we will see if we can help.

Web Sites & E-mail Services

Every business should have a website - you're missing out on a trick if you don't. Competitive prices starting from just 200 euros - fill in our online quote.

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Computer Maintenance & Repairs

Computers sped up, laptop screens replaced, hardware upgrades, cost effective support plans, software setup, operating system upgrades etc..

Online Shop

We now offer a selection of tech related goods including Amazon Firesticks with Kodi, Bluetooth Speakers, Memory Cards, Mobile Phone SIMS etc..

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Computer Training & Lessons

Mark is a qualified teacher and university lecturer in the fields of ICT and Business Computing.Providing 1:1 training or company training.

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