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Troubleshooting your IPTV tips

1 month 2 days ago #51 by All Tech Plus
To get TurboVPN (Google Playstore) or other software onto your Firestick, if you have a smart phone you can first of all download and install the App on your Smartphone. Then download and install the App Apps2Fire (Google Playstore). You'll need to go into the settings of your Firestick to find out its IP address which you'll need to connect Apps2Fire to the Firestick. Once you've done this you can install TurboVPN from your phone/tablet using Apps2Fire.
Another VPN you might try is (also available on The Playstore)
If your Kodi has stopped working you can also install (From the Playstore)
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2 months 2 weeks ago #49 by Mark Van Bellen
There is some anecdotal evidence that some UK Internet providers may at certain times be blocking IPTV streams. Notably during Saturday's football matches. If you have firestick with Alexa you might try installing turbo VPN as a workaround.
Turbo is a free service, there are however paid for services.
If you do not have the later firestick and using another device, you might check to see if your home router supports VPN.
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6 months 2 weeks ago #34 by All Tech Plus
When reporting a problem please include as much detail as possible - it would be helpful perhaps if you copied and pasted the following questions when you post your issue:

I confirm that I have followed all the troubleshooting tips before reporting this issue.

Device you are using IPTV on
(eg. Amazon Firestick, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, ZGemma Tuner, MAG box etc..)
App you are using (where appropriate)
(eg. Smart IPTV, Lazy IPTV, Kodi, Perfect Player)
Which channel(s) are affected:
When did you last use your channels successfully:
Who is your Internet service provider?
What speed Internet are you getting according to website?
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7 months 1 week ago #25 by All Tech Plus
Remember, delivery of your IPTV streams is incumbent on the Internet connection from the various streaming servers to you. If you experience freezing, this could be down to your internet connection, the internet connection from the streaming server or an internet connection somewhere in between.

Most of the streams are served from different servers - try changing channel to see if the problem persists.
If there is a non-hd version of the program try that one.
Channel change up and back down to reset the stream of the problem channel.
Check your internet speed using the website - you need to be getting at least 6mb, ideally more.
Are you a prolific downloader of films or other large files - try suspending your download activity to when you are not watching TV or upgrade your internet speed!
Restart the device you watch IPTV on (the box or TV)
Reboot your router.
If you are using an app such as Smart IPTV, check to see that you have the latest version installed.
Check on your laptop or tablet access to various websites to make sure that your Internet is working well.

If the issue only appears to be with one particular channel, find the correct topic in this forum and report the issue starting which channel, your internet speed and which device you are using to access the stream.
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