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In order to access the Internet whilst you visit your home in Spain without having to pay a regular monthly fee regardless of whether you are in Spain or not, a good option is to use a device known as a MiFi device in conjunction with a mobile phone SIM on a Spanish network. The devices accept a mobile network SIM card and provide Internet access over the mobile data network. The provider in this case will be Hits Mobile (they have excellent rates and coverage – they use the Vodafone network) and they offer data rates up to 3G. I do not know whether they intend to offer 4G access in the future.

Mobile Internet MIFI Box 3G € 75.00


Mobile Internet MIFI Box 4G € 90.00



All packages/SIMs are available from All Tech Plus. In order to signup, as ever in Spain there is a form to fill in – you’ll need either your Passport, or NIE number, and if you are paying by direct debit your bank details, your address in Spain, and at least 5 euros plus the cost of your chosen data package (less 5 euros!) for the initial SIM. Pay As You Go – Use Your Own SIM If you would prefer to use your own UK SIM, then this should be possible too – certainly with the Osprey you should be directed to your operator’s web page and be invited to purchase a data add-on. Prices will vary from network to network.

We offer a 3G (21.1Mbs) and a 4G (150Mbs) MiFi device; the only difference is the 4G will be faster on networks that support 4G - buying the 4G version 'future-proofs' you as network operators add 4G options to their services.

The MiFi devices will be unlocked to any network meaning that you can also use them in the UK (or elsewhere) with a suitable SIM card or data package.

Prices include local delivery, device will be configured ready for you and you’ll receive a user guide.

  • You will need a Hits mobile SIM which will be provided by All Tech Plus, the current fee is 5 euros which includes 5 euros of free credit.
  • The SIM can be used in an unlocked mobile phone or in the MiFi device (so you have the option of making and receiving telephone calls too.
    • In the case of phone calls, calls between other Hits Mobile are free, and international calls (including those to the UK) are free for either the first 5 minutes or if you elect for automatic top-up using your bank account (you can use your UK bank account) then not only are the calls cheaper but you get the first 10 minutes international.
  • The MiFi device besides giving access to the Internet for up to 10 devices can also send and receive text messages.
  • Once the SIM is active a data package should be actiIVAed by sending a text message to Hits whereby you can subscribe to 250Mb, 500Mb, 1Gb or 3Gb of data access. Based on the usage of my family and their device in the UK, 2Gb should be ample for 2 weeks of e-mailing and internet surfing. (Current costs 3,90 , 4,90, 7,90, 24,90 respectively)
  • A package is automatically renewed from the credit balance on the account unless specifically cancelled or there is insufficient credit on the account.
  • If you also use the SIM for phone calls and have automatic top-up enabled, you will need to specifically cancel a data package ideally before you go home!
  • There is no requirement to top-up every month.
  • Credit will remain for 3 months before it expires but you can still receive calls up to 5 months.
  • On the 6th month expiry you would lose your number, however for only 3 euros per year you can keep your number without ever having to top-up.
  • A contract package is also available at a very reasonable cost of only 4,90 per month which includes 1Gb of data.


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