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01/03/17 - Please note that all prices are now subject to IVA at the prevailing rate. If you require an official factura (invoice) for accounting purposes please send your business name and/or trading name along with your NIE/NIF/CIF and business address details.

Computer Support Packages

Remote support calls are charged in 20 minute blocks from your allowance.

  • Support is only for the agreed equipment.
  • Anti-virus scans and health checks are carried out at the beginning of each billing period. This is not taken off of your hourly limit. This is administered remotely (or you can bring the equipment to us - APR 2016).
    • OCT 2015 - We will notify/remind you when this is due and attempt to arrange a date/time when your device can be accessed remotely (or optionally dropped off and picked up by yourself). In the event that a month passes and you have not enabled us to do this you will forfeit the check until the next periodic check is due, or you may have the check performed using up your monthly allowance.
  • Each package includes free advice by e-mail.
  • Optional extras such as those in business support packages are carried out as agreed.
  • You can use your allocated support hours for:
    • Download, installation and setup of new software.
    • Reinstallation or update of existing software.
    • Resolution of problems you encounter with your equipment.
    • Hardware upgrades (not including cost of parts)
    • Setup of home networking including file sharing.
    • Connection of other devices to your network (this includes devices not included in your support package but does not include any further support for them)

If you run a business centre and would like to offer technical support services to the businesses you host in with their rental benefits then please contact me to discuss this and for a quotation. Minimum 2 companies and 6 machines.

Web Site Support Packages

Web support calls are charged in 20 minute blocks from your allowance - you are advised to bundle sufficient changes in one request in order to not waste your allowance.

  • You can use your allocated support hours for:
    • Page edits/amendments.
    • Page additions.
    • Changes to graphics for example, change of telephone number.
    • Additional functionality to your website is not included.

Hybrid Web/Computer Support Package

Hybrid support packages are no longer available. For those who currently have an active subscription the following stipulations apply:

  • With this package the subscriber gets all of the advantages of both packages however, the 2 hour allocation is for both support of the computer and website as defined in the T&Cs above.
  • Items marked with an '*' are not included in this package - this is to cater for changes in benefits to those packages. Should you wish to take advantage of those, you would need to cancel your existing agreement and take out 2 separate subscriptions to cover both aspects.

TV Subscription Package (card sharing. No new plans.)

Common T&Cs do not apply to this package:

  • Full package TV is charged every 3 months in advance.
  • Although the service has been running and available for a number of years, this is no guarantee that the service will continue to be available, this is why we charge 3 monthly.
  • Should your service fail, you should try the following first before contacting us:
    • Do freeview channels still work (eg. BBC 1, ITV)
    • Note that not all HD channels work - check the channel you are having problems with is not an HD channel, find its SD version.
    • If the channel in question is a non-freeview channel, please check that your internet is working. If your internet is not working then your paid for channels will also not work.
    • If Internet not working, power off your router, wait 5 seconds, and then power on. Give a minute or two for it to start. Test your internet - if working then test your channel again by changing up and then down channel. If internet still not working contact your internet provider.
    • Reboot your sat box (turn off and on) and try again.
    • If you've exhausted all the above and your internet is working then please contact us.

Note that ATP are no longer offering card sharing subscriptions since many of the popular channels are no longer working. Try our IPTV service instead. Existing customers will have been e-mailed regarding this.

IPTV subscriptions - please e-mail for details

  • Full packages including lots of sports and film channels available for 3 and 6 month terms.
  • Our supplier may remove and add channels without warning.
  • If the service ceases to be available no refunds will be made on advance payments, so we advise you to think carefully whether you prefer 3 or 6 month billing cycles
  • All amounts are subject to IVA, and subscriptions must be paid using bank transfer to the account shown on your bill, or Paypal (fees apply)
  • If payment is not received or you are late with your payment your service will cease and a reconnection fee will apply.
  • No telephone or e-mail support is offered, support is only offered through the relevant forum on this site where you will find various troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues.
  • As our provider varies their terms/prices to us your renewal may be subject to increase too.
  • You are advised to check your Internet speed before ordering, we have found a few customers who though they were paying for 8Mb were in actual fact only getting 3Mb! Another client says Eurona at La Zenia have a good 4G deal.
  • Renewals must be paid promptly, until a payment is received the service will stop (overdue payment t&c's do not apply to IPTV subscriptions - July 2017)

Common T&Cs

The following T&Cs apply to both computer and web support packages.

  • Due to the extremely good value offered by these support packages, ALL computer support will be administered remotely where possible and will require us to install remote access software to your device.
  • Support requiring a visit to your home/office will be charged at the normal rate (unless you have a special arrangement with us) or you have the option of bringing the equipment to us in which case will be included as part of your package. - CHANGED APR 2016.
  • An hourly limit per month is imposed dependent on your package. Hourly rates thereafter.
  • A €20,00 set up fee is payable in cash if you request support within the first 2 months of your initial term. Providing you continue to subscribe to your package, this will be refunded to you at the start of your renewal.
  • Terms can be varied at our discretion, you will always be notified if this will affect your support or price.
  • You may cancel your support with us by giving at least 1 months notice. We will then unsubscribe you. Ideally this will be one month prior to a renewal. No refunds will be issued.
  • OCT 2015 - Invoices will be generated automatically each period (usually every 3 months but may be 6 months for some customers) and these can be accessed via. the website. If you subscribed to the service prior to October 2015 then do not pay the invoice - it will be marked as paid manually by us shortly after issue. Your invoice will be updated with works carried out, and any additional charges outside your support will also be shown.
  • Aug 2016 - Items which go over your allocation and are chargeable will now be billed on a separate advice note. It is up to you to keep an eye on your advice notes and amount of allocation remaining.
  • OCT 2015 - New customers will be able to pay online when each invoice is issued and must do so on or before the due date.
  • OCT 2015 - If you do decide to cancel and later resubscribe because you have a problem the €20 fee will be payable as well as your subscription, however, we reserve the right to cancel a resubscription if this is abused.
  • APR 2016 - Invoices should be paid within 2 weeks to maintain your support at the current pricing level. Should this period expire, of course any work will be charged at normal hourly rates. You may start a new support contract but this will be at the price and service level displayed on this website - any old prices/agreements will be deemed to have expired.
  • This is not 24 hour support
  • NOV 2016 - Like everyone else, we take time off for holidays, however remote support can usually be offered. If support is not likely to be available, there will be a message on our website.
  • NOV 2016 - Support is not usually available on weekends, since we do not work every weekend. You may contact us on Saturdays, and we will help if we can.
  • NOV 2016 - New support plans are now available and can be tailor made to suit your needs. These will replace any existing plans. Please be sure to order your new plan before expiration of your existing plan. Existing subscribers will be emailed details shortly.

Recurring Payments

Payments will be collected automatically where possible using Paypal and pre-arranged automatic payments.

Periodic bills, one off bills and overdue payments

  • When an advice note is generated it will be e-mailed to you for payment.
  • Occasionally this may have been e-mailed after the due date - the automated reminder system uses the due date, so you may get a reminder more quickly than the usual 3 weeks.
  • The bill is payable immediately preferably by bank transfer (details on your bill), or online using either your Paypal account or any credit or debit card using the Paypal system (Paypal account not needed in this case). If you wish to pay by cash, you will need to arrange to visit to settle your bill either by phone or e-mail.
  • Bills that remain unpaid after one 3 weeks will have 10% of the balance added to the amount. Reminders are generated automatically at 3 weekly periods. An additional 10% will be added in after 6 weeks.
  • Should the bill still remain unpaid after month 8 weeks (2 months) the service will be stopped.
  • In the case of websites, your website will be offline and if you also have your domain name with us your email will cease to work.
  • In the case of TV services, only freeview channels will be available.
  • In the case of computer and/or website support, service will cease.


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