IPTV Plan Charges
Those of you on ATP 1 service please see announcement on channel reporting page.
IPTV is the reception of 'live' TV programming using your Internet connection and suitable box or software program, for example Amazon Firestick, MAG box, Kodi and so on.
PLAN 2 now available from July 2018 on 3 or 6 month plans. Works out at around either 10 euro per month per connection, or on 6 months at €6.55 per connection per month (with IVA). Bank transfer only.
  • ABOUT €10 MONTH!
  • Everything Included
  • €35 or €50
  • 3 / 6 month
  • Absolutely everything.
  • Works out at around €10 per month (6 month plan)
  • Works out at around €14 per month (4 month plan)
  • Sport Only
  • €25 or €40
  • 3 / 6 month
  • A wide variety of sports programming from all your favourite UK and international channels.
  • Entertainment Only
  • €25 or €40
  • 3 / 6 month
  • Great value package - excellent value for non-sport lovers who want everything else!

For best service,  we recommend an Internet connection faster than 5Mb, the quicker the better. If you are not sure what you have you can either check with your Internet supplier, or click this link for a basic measurement: https://fast.com which will give an indication of streaming bandwidth (as recommended by Netflix), and for a more accurate measurement try https://www.speedtest.net/ (I usually pick somewhere midway between the two).

One subscription per device is required - sorry, as we make very little on subscriptions no discount is available for multiple subscriptions - however, you can use the same subscription on multiple devices but must not use them simultaneously to avoid your subscription being banned (if this happens ATP cannot reinstate, this is beyond our control, so would be at your own risk).

You should be aware that by its very nature, IPTV is not 100% perfect, many factors can affect reception of channels, some beyond the control of the supplier - please be aware of this before ordering.

Prices do not include IVA at 21%