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Please note that for clients with outstanding bills, an automatic reminder system has been actiIVAed. Please refer to terms and conditions regarding late payment charges.
A number of customer sites must be updated to latest Joomla/Wordpress - if you do not have a support contract you will be emailed a request to update. Sites not updated will be disabled for security reasons.

This form is for reporting problems with the new IPTV packages (SP, EN, SPEN and SPENAD packages [green, yellow, blue, and purple as shown on prices page]). If you are still on the old package where you get everything including arabic, turkish, spanish channels etc, you should continue to use the support forum (you will be e-mailed about changing to the new service nearer the end of your current subscription).

For filling in the form we ask that you assess the speed of your Internet connection click this link for a basic measurement: